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Hi Jennifer and Scott,After looking over the pictures a millionth time I just cant believe how great the two of you are at capturing moments. You two work like a well oiled machine. Although...I can't figure out who is the artist and who is the brains.Thank you again for making "getting photos taken of your child" so much fun! You made it so easy on me and Vittoria didn't even realize what was going on. She thought it was just a familiar get together with the two of you. And I learned something too - when you want a kid to do something...give them smarties!I look forward to continuing not only our work together, but continuing our friendship too. These pictures will last me a lifetime of memories as well as give a glimpse into Vittoria's soul to all of my family far away. They can not stop raving about them. My Grandmother said that she now feels who Vittoria is by the pictures she has. And THAT - I will always be grateful for.Love,Lucy and Vittoria

Hi Jennifer and Scott,We are so grateful to you both for taking what are the most beautiful, cherished photos we have ever had. We are lucky to have so many outstanding photos of our family and baby -E- from the one photo session. There were also many great photos from the second photo session too. You are both so talented, patient, and a pleasure to work with. Yes, we would love to do future photo sessions with you. We are so excited to send out birth announcements, share photos with family and friends, and have the photos in our home!Best Regards,Monique and Chris Backer

Scott and Jennifer,I hope to adequately convey how thankful I am for the experience my girls and I had today in your studio. It's been an incredible and long day for our family, filled with fun. I've been looking forward to finally settling down, because what keeps sticking out in my mind is our mini-session and the smiles and comments from my girls during and afterward.That you managed to get smiles out of -A- (the single-most reserved little girl of all time) is truly remarkable.-E- of course has transitioned from cute kid to beautiful young lady. I saw a genuine smile on her face after she saw the images of herself on the monitor today.You also made -S- feel more beautiful at 25-weeks pregnant than she'd usually admit to at her ideal weight and after hours of doing her hair and make-up. She commented numerous times this afternoon on a) how much fun she had and b) how much she loved the pictures of herself.You guys have such a great "way" with people, it's so refreshing to witness the perfect mixture of talent and skill both in the technical and artistic aspects of the photographic process but more especially in the ability to connect with the subjects. In such a short time, you managed to make three girls who were not very excited to have their picture made, and who are generally uncomfortable in front of a lens feel totally at ease, filled with trust, and truly enjoying themselves!I can't thank you both enough.I feel like the value of the product you offer extends well beyond the images. In exchange for your fee, we will have amazing photographs to share with family and friends for the holidays as well as hang on the walls of our home for years to come. But, what I will truly value equally as much is the memory of the experience itself and how much my girls all enjoyed having their pictures made.Thank you both sincerely!Jim Walters